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The provision of clear, pictorial escape plans can be essential in ensuring that all occupants are able to safely evacuate a building, irrespective of written instructions that may be displayed. This is often crucial in facilities where occupants are unfamiliar with the layout and means of escape, such as hotels, public offices, hospitals, leisure facilities and meeting venues.

For large or complex sites 3D plans allow swift orientation of visitors, deliveries and staff to various departments and facilities and can also be designed to assist the Fire and Rescue Service in tactical planning for emergency incident management.

Evacuation plans can also be used as an effective aid to staff training by giving clear depiction of escape routes, the location of portable firefighting equipment and fire alarm call points. All plans can be provided digitally and formatted to enable storage and future modification in house if required.

FS can assist in transforming your floor plans into clear pictorial guidance, in 2D or 3D as required. These are more easily followed by all users without prejudice to language, or familiarity with the building, to ensure safe management of an emergency evacuation. This removes the need for multi langauge guidance that can be difficult for users to follow, and can also assist in meeting the needs of ISO 23601 where required.

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