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AFS provides fire safety management services to a range of healthcare providers including secure mental health trusts and acute care general hospital trusts. This has included undertaking the role of Authorising Engineer (Fire) for the purposes of the fire upgrade of Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and the review of the evacuation strategies and fire risk assessments for high secure mental health facilities including the Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder unit at Broadmoor Hospital.

AFS is fully conversant with the Health Technical Memoranda 05 suite of documents to assist healthcare facilties with compliance both to statutory guidance and Department of Health Firecode. This can include the fire risk assessing, surveying and audit of existing facilities and assistance in the planned refurbishment or development of future areas with code compliant solutions.

AFS is a specialist provider of training for healthcare staff. This includes the practical use of evacuation aids for the emergency movement of dependent and non-ambulant patients by nursing staff and evacuation skills for the evacuation of dependent patients in mental health and custodial facilities. AFS also provides practical fire training including the use of portable firefighting equipment using fire simulation units generating real fire scenarios for effective learning. Trainers are accredited with recognised adult learning qualifications and are A1 NVQ assessors to assist your developmental staff in the building of their portfolio of evidence (health and safety) where required.

AFS can assume the role of Fire Safety Adviser and Authorising Engineer (Fire) in accordance with the guidance found in HTM 05/01 Managing Fire Safety to ensure successful project management and daily fire safety management of your healthcare facility.

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